Privacy Policy

How we use your information

Drinkspal takes the process of customer information privacy very seriously. All client data is contractually supported on a legal basis for the following activities:

  • Data uploaded by users is then stored in a cloud environment, or alternatively on premise in the agreed accordance chosen by the user. If they wish to, a user can alter how much data is shared with venues or groups.
  • All of the users personal data is processed in a way that they can comfortably use the site efficiently, so that they have the necessary sup[port and access to the relevant information.
  • Service announcements and product launches will be communicated to users using the agreed upon personal information
  • We utilise any feedback or information provided by users after visiting a venue or using the website.
  • Information may occasionally be utilised in order to conduct customer surveys, however no identifying information will ever be shared.

Our reasoning for processing the client data is for legitimate interest in order to do the following activities:

  • Communicate to the user any special offers or deals that are relevant to them, as well as news, events and information around potential purchases or bookings.

Your data will be processed in line with the Principles and Rights of The General Data Protection regulation.

If you wish to withdraw consent for the activities above, you may do so at any time, at which point we will no longer send you any information related to those subjects. This does however mean you may not find the deals or critical information we feel is relevant to you.


Our email communication is handled via the well-known email software MailChimp. MailChimp is based in the USA, however the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework certify your data is protected and offer acceptable GDPR controls by the EU administrative authority.

At no point in time will your information be openly transferred out of the EU without consent from the user; We do not share your personal data. If for whatever reason your information did have to leave the EU, it would be under your prior consent.

Our email newsletter is there to offer useful information, blog posts, competitions or special offers.

Storage and Disposal

All of your information is stored, however upon request you can have your details permanently deleted by contacting support@drinkspal.com. 

Contact Information

For any information, questions or requests regarding your data or our data storage, please do contact support@drinkspal.com

Important note: Please know that if you feel your data hasn’t been processed in an accepteable manner under GDPR regulations, please do contact support@drinkspal.com to lodge a formal complaint.