Hen Party Drinking Games

The big hen weekend is coming around, so whether you’re all gathering into someone’s hotel room or you’ve hired a hen house, you will need some great hen do drinking games for the entire group to play. But no need to look around, we’ve gathered our favourite games we think you’ll love.

Prosecco Pong

We all know the legendary game Beer Pong which has been adopted by college’s and Universities around the world, however we’re fortunately in a time when we have alternative drink options on offer! These packs come in alternatively sized plastic glasses, but the concept is all the same. These work perfectly if you have a reliable table you can play on, but they certainly help the drinks to flow, while if you have an exceptional player in the team then you can certainly get one group very drunk.

If you’re not a fan of prosecco, don’t worry as there is also gin pong.


Sure, this one isn’t perfectly catered to hen groups, but how can we list some drinking games without mentioning the legendary one Roxanne. You simply play the song Roxanne by The Police and then the group split into two, one group drinking when Roxanne is mentioned and the other group drinking when ‘put on the red light’ is mentioned. Heads up, Roxanne comes up more, so the bride should be in that group.

Mr & Mrs Questions

This requires a little bit of prep, such as getting a list of questions and potentially videoing the groom answering them, but this is a great game to get the whole group laughing in hysterics. You should plan out around 40-50 questions, depending on how much time you have, then ask the bride for an answer before playing the groom answering. Make sure to get it played on a big screen so everyone can watch and laugh.

Ring Of Fire

Everyone has their own interpretation of what each card means, so I don’t want to dictate the exact ones as you might have your own favourites, but here are some options you could pick:

Ace = Waterfall – drink in a circle

2 = You – you pick the person to drink

3 = Me – I drink

4 = Floor – soon as you drop to the floor, everyone else has to and last person drinks. You don’t have to use the card straight away, while it can only be used once

5 = Thumb Master – Casually place your thumb on the table in the middle of the group, the last person to do so drinks. You don’t have to use the card straight away, while it can only be used once

6 = Chicks – Yep, we all drink!

7 = Heaven – point up to the sky, last person to do so has to drink. You don’t have to use the card straight away, while it can only be used once

8 = Mate – Pick someone who has to drink each time you drink. If you both have to drink in a round, they drink twice.

9 = Busta Rhyme – Going in a circle you choose either the term or sentence and the person next to you has to rhyme it. The first person to go 2 seconds without answering has to drink.

10 = Categories – You have to pick a category and then say a relevant term and go in a circle until someone can’t think of one for two seconds in their group.

Jack = Make A Rule – as the name suggests, you pick a rule and everyone has to follow it for the rest of the game.

Queen = Question Master – If you ask a question from anyone in the group and they answer it,

King = Dirty Pint – Everyone worst card, you have a glass in the middle and each time you get a King you pour some alcohol into their. The person to get the fourth King has to drink it all.

Shot Luck

Place a number of shot glasses in front of everyone on a table, some have water in and some have vodka in. Now each person, in a circle, takes a shot, some will be lucky and others will be cringing!

Never Have I Ever

The ultimate naughty game to find out who is the worst in the group! Simply say something you’ve done and everyone who has done it has to drink. You can pick something you’ve done that’s embarrassing, or you could try to call out someone in the group who you know has done something embarrassing.

Would You Rather

Asking the person to your left and taking turns to the left in a circle, you need to ask them whether they would rather one scenario or another. Let your creativity take over!


This is time to lay yourself bare to the group. Each person in a circle has to admit something the others might not know about you. Anyone that doesn’t know has to drink. The darker the better!

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